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Do you care about your instructor? You should!  Instructor knowledge, experience and ability matters.  Read on…

Howard Jones CPA, SC, NC RE Broker, MBA, formerly Sr. Mngr. Arthur Andersen, Author "Making Money on Your Vacation Rental Home"

  • Enjoyed your courses over the years, always laughed!
  • I’ve been taking continuing education classes for the past 10 years which always seemed so dry and dull. Not the 8 hours I had the other day!
  • Our class was the most “pain free” and informative continuing education class I have ever had.  The instructor’s high energy and wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry made for a great 8 hour continuing education day.
  • Keep up the good work of trying to educate agents and help make our industry more professional!
  • I will keep you in mind for next year. I so enjoyed your class…
  • I really love the tips in your Company newsletter.  I am going to send it to the agents in my office as well as we had a big discussion about agency just the other day. 


Richard Sander  SC, NC Broker, ABR, Sales Manager and Trainer Price & Company Realty; Leadership CCAR; Marketing & Negotiation Expert

  • Richard did a great job making sure that we understand credit, pitfalls and fixes. He shared personal stories that help relate to students and kept things moving along. I look forward to taking more classes with him!
  • Going over the material with us before we moved on…
  • He answered all questions with clarity and confidence.
  • Great communicator and the class flowed smoothly.
  • Did a good job keeping it understandable.
  • Good class discussions and participation.
  • I finally understood Transaction Brokerage!
  • He kept us all engaged with the materials and kept it interesting. I'll sign up for other classes with him!
  • Great job communicating with the class - he answered questions and somehow managed to get class interaction.
  • He was very good. I did not get bored! Very good manner of communication.
  • Very knowledgeable
  • He is a good teacher.
  • No suggestions for improvement! He kept the course interesting and on track and answered questions throughout the course.
  • Thought he did great!
  • I enjoyed my classes!
  • I thought he did a great job and had lots of questions and he answered all well.


Yvette Acuff  SC Broker, BIC Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty, former CEO Hilton Head MLS, Business Consulting

  • She was great!!
  • Time set aside for answers of legitimate questions!
  • Did a particularly good job of explaining the SCLLR law changes
  • Engaged the class in participation very well.
  • Her knowledge of systems we use every day was excellent!


Grady Thomas SC, NC RE Broker, Corp Trainer, Owner Thomas Property Group, NC Assoc. of Realtors Board, NC Homebuilders Assoc. Board 

  • He was very engaging throughout both classes.
  • Very knowledgeable and forthcoming. He didn’t just read from the book/PowerPoint but shared valuable experiences. He also encouraged classroom discussion, which was very helpful. This was one of the best BIC classes I’ve ever taken!
  • Mr. Thomas shared good stories relating to Real Estate situations. Classroom time was well spent!
  • It was a very relaxed setting and we were able to interact extremely well.
  • Did a great job with current events, history of real estate, new and upcoming issues we need to stay on top of. Knew the names of very influential people in the industry. He blew my mind!  I liked how he used each of us in scenarios to help us understand the right way and the wrong way to handle things.
  • Made it engaging
  • Great job on all!
  • Totally involved the participants in the class. Any questions about the topics which were asked were answered with complete clarity.
  • Did well in all areas!!!
  • Enjoyed class learned a lot. Will be back. Great instructor!
  • No areas for improvement.  Extremely knowledgeable and well-versed on the material.
  • Try to get back on track when students went off on tangents.
  • I will look for the classes he teaches for my CE in the future. Good Job Grady!!
  • He was right on target during the entire class.


Jim Coman SC, NC RE Broker, Anston Grp. Senior Advisor, formerly REIT Asset Manager/ Senior VP Leasing

  • Did well in all areas!
  • Comparisons to commercial vs residential and personal experiences were very helpful.
  • The class was relaxed and very informative. All the class members participated and the time went by pretty quickly. I would take another class by this instructor!
  • Very engaged; made the class interesting by involving the students; pace of the modules was perfect.
  • No areas of improvement - he was great!
  • Keep on teaching! We all appreciated your approach and professionalism.


Christi Poole SC, NC RE Broker, Keller Williams, 20 yrs Experience, Buyer and Seller Agent, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Farms and Land

  • The only area for improvement is how awesome she is !!! AmAZing instructor…
  • Christi was able to provide “real life” examples to illustrate various new rules and explain reasoning behind their implementation by the Commission.


Karen Schnezler  SC RE Broker, BIC/Franchise Owner Realty ONE Group Freedom. Formerly: Weichert Franchise, Mortgage Co. Owner

  • The instructor did particularly well giving real-world examples.
  • Any areas of improvement for your instructor? No!


Chris Webb SC, NC, GA RE Broker, formerly DR Horton, Meridian Homes, ZIP Realty, Real Estate Data Corp.

  • Really explained each part of the contract and how to complete properly.
  • He allowed questions and did not mind answering them.
  • He was particularly good at Interaction with students and responding to questions.
  • First time taking a class from Chris and I was very impressed and pleased with what I learned and also what was clarified.
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