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Continuing Education to Remain a Licensee

Once a real estate license is obtained, continuing education is needed to keep up with the ever-changing real estate market. To learn more about continuing education for current licensees, please see the information below.

Continuing education involves two separate but interrelated requirements for most practitioners: MCE and REALTOR Training.

  • Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) for ALL licensees consisting of ten (10) hours of MCE is required by state law to renew real estate licenses every two years before June 30:
  • Four (4) hours must be thebasic CORE class as mandated by REC which changes every two years in odd numbered years. This leaves six (6) hours of Electives required for most licensees.
  • However, BICs must use four (4) of their elective hours for a BIC CORE course developed by the Commission (BIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES), leaving BICs only two (2) hours of electives required.
  • Fully exempt licensees (approved for exemption prior to January 1 2017) are not required to complete any continuing education, including core courses.
  • Partially exempt licensees (approved after January 1 2017) are required to complete the basic Core course, but no elective. However, those who hold a BIC license are only exempt from the 2 hour elective, and are required to complete both the 4 basic CORE and 4hr mandatory BIC CORE courses

Webinars for Continuing Education

Our Webinars offer the advantages of…

  • Learn from Home or Office Convenience
  • (No Travel or Rush Hour Headaches!)
  • (no COVID19 worries!)
  • One Stop Shopping for All CE Classes with Mix and Match Flexibility
  • SC Based Instructors Who Know the Landscape
  • Live Presentation instead of ndless Scrolling through Online Courses!


Realtor Required Training

All licensees are not REALTORS. Realtors are only those licensees who join the NAR. If you are not a REALTOR, you can ignore the following:

Code of Ethics (COE) Training Requirements

Training on the Code of Ethics is required by the NAR for all members by December 31. This is NOT an MCE/SCREC legal requirement but is a global REALTOR membership renewal requirement. All licensees are not REALTORS. If you are not a REALTOR, you can ignore this requirement. This is the same NAR program as in previous years but is now required every three years. Why? Because Realtors are subject to the REALTOR Code of Ethics which confers serious legal and financial obligations of which they must be aware.

Local Realtor Association Training Requirements

Some local REALTOR associations require additional member training. For instance, the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors mandates an additional six (6) hours of training for their members every renewal period. Again, this is NOT an MCE/SCREC legal requirement, but is a local REALTOR membership renewal requirement. Check with your local association if you have any questions about local requirements.

Continuing Education (CE) Course Descriptions

FOUR HOUR CE SEMINARS- CLICK HERE to view CE Course Descriptions
TWO HOUR CE SEMINARS- CLICK HERE to view CE Course Descriptions

Private Classes for Continuing Education

In-House Continuing Education Training for Private Clients Offers Many Benefits…

  • No Cost to Client Firm!
  • Save Money for Licensees with Discounted Rates
  • Provide Targeted Content to Support Firm Objectives
  • Promote Camaraderie Among and With Associates
  • Offer Eight Hours of CE in One Sitting at a Convenient Location
  • Minimize Office Staff CE Monitoring Efforts
  • Avoid Interference with the Spring Selling Season
  • Eliminate Late Renewal Worry and Liability
  • Provide BIC Guidance on Firm-Specific Policies
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Associate Development
  • Minimize Associate Travel for Education
  • Great Facilities
  • Convenient Locations
  • World Class Instructors
  • Competitive Rates
  • Demonstrate BIC Compliance with Requirements for Associate Development

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