In Addition to a Full Time Career as a Broker of Real Estate, here are Ten Other Reasons to Get a Real Estate License...

  1. SPOT GREAT INVESTMENTS!  Understanding real estate is the first step in making a wise purchase decision.
  2. DO YOUR OWN ESTATE PLANNING!  Real estate can be put in a trust to ensure your estate is handled as you wish it to be.
  3. EARN REFERRAL COMMISSIONS!  You can be paid for referrals if you have a license.
  4. SAVE MONEY ON YOUR OWN PURCHASES!  Save around 3% of the purchase price on your own home purchase.
  5. LEARN TO AVOID TAXES!  Many tools exist to delay or avoid taxes on personal residences and investments
  6. BECOME A HOME "FLIPPER"!  You need your own license when ”flipping” to increase your return.
  7. GET ACCESS TO MLS DATA!  You may join the Multiple Listing Service to access the latest sales and listing information in your area.
  8. CONTROL YOUR OWN DEALS!  Be your own “middleman”!
  9. MAKE NEW CONTACTS!  Networking is the key to real estate success.
  10. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS!  Knowledge is your best defense against false claims and wild promises.
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