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CORE CLASS 2016-2018:                                  

TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures

CEC 2651

(4 HR Core – 4 CE)

This CORE course, required by the SCREC for every real estate licensee, addresses several new opportunities for licensees to better communicate to clients and customers.  New loan disclosure rules for lenders, evolving flood insurance issues and laws mandating owner disclosure are covered in this class.  Attendees will be guided in using the new 28-page document entitled “Your Home Loan Toolkit” as a great option to explain the loan process to buyers.  An overview of flood insurance programs and some helpful guidance on reducing flood insurance rates is provided in the second half of the course, concluding with instruction on owner’s responsibilities for the “Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement” and disclosing of property and neighborhood information.

ELECTIVE CLASS:                                            

How the NEW SC License Law Affects You

CEE 2682

(4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

The NEW SC Real Estate License Law is now in effect!  This is our most comprehensive look at the statute’s changes and includes group exercises to expound on some of the new challenges.  The impact on licensees is significant: new forms for consumer disclosure and offer rejection, changed education requirements for both new and existing licensees, the addition of transaction brokerage for customers who don’t want an agency relationship, updates to “agent as principal” disclosure rules, changes effecting new applicants and license transfers, enhanced trust fund supervisory responsibilities, addressing of team supervision and many clarified definitions. And BICs should be aware that office policies should have already been amended to address the new brokerage options, disclosure guidance, defining team responsibilities and limitations, etc.  Plus, fines for violations have jumped fivefold, so you better know what you are doing!  All licensees should take this comprehensive elective ASAP!

ELECTIVE CLASS:                                            

Real Estate Tax and Investment

CEE 1714

(4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

The market is improving and money is being made!  Taught by a CPA just for real estate licensees, this widely acclaimed and popular overview of tax laws and strategies involved in the purchase, ownership and sale of real estate is always up-to-date on recent changes in the law.  Understanding the different ways in which real estate and tax planning can create wealth and save money is essential.  Get the knowledge to effectively answer client inquiries, choose between properties and increase wealth.  Topics include Avoiding Tax on Real Estate Sales, 1031 Exchanges, Second and Vacation Homes, Short and Long Term Rental Property, Tax Savings and Investment Strategies, Home Office Deductions, Capital Gains, Tax Law Changes and more.  Essential knowledge for all professionals and investors!

I love my teacher.  He’s awesome. J



Enjoyed your courses over the years, always laughed!



I’ve been taking continuing education classes for the past 10 years which always seemed so dry and dull. Not the 8 hours I had the other day!

It was the most “pain free” and informative continuing education class I have ever had and it was definitely because Howard Jones was the instructor. His high energy and wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry made for a great 8 hour continuing education day.

Thank you, Howard!



Keep up the good work of trying to educate agents and help make our industry more professional!



I will keep you in mind for next year. I so enjoyed your class. J



I really love the tips in your newsletter.  I am going to send it to the agents in my office as well as we had a big discussion about agency just the other day.  



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