Live Training for Private Clients Offers Many Benefits...

  • No Cost to Client Firm!
  • Save Money for Licensees with Discounted Rates
  • Provide Targeted Content to Support Firm Objectives 
  • Promote Camaraderie Among and With Associates        
  • Offer Eight Hours of CE in One Sitting at a Convenient Location
  • Minimize Office Staff CE Monitoring Efforts                     
  • Avoid Interference with the Spring Selling Season
  • Eliminate Late Renewal Worry and Liability     
  • Provide BIC Guidance on Firm Specific Policies
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Associate Development
  • Minimize Associate Travel for Education                         
  • Demonstrate BIC Compliance with Requirements for Associate Development:
    • Section 40-57-135 (A)(1)
    • Section 40-57-135 (A)(4)
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