FOUR HOUR CORE CLASS 2019-2020:        

3Ps of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls

CEC 3059 (4 HR Core – 4 CE)

This CORE course is required by the SCREC for every real estate licensee.  The focus of this course is the NEW SC Real Estate License Law which is now in effect!  You are responsible for understanding and obeying, and ignorance is no excuse. The impact on licensees is significant: new forms for consumer disclosure and offer rejection, updates to “agent as principal” disclosure rules, brand new requirements for teams and many clarified definitions. Plus we offer a clear and straightforward explanation of transaction brokerage for customers who don’t want an agency relationship, and a step by step “how to” for dual agency.  Plus, fines for violations have jumped fivefold, so you better know what you are doing!  


FOUR HOUR ELECTIVE CLASS (REQUIRED FOR BICs/ELECTIVE FOR NON BICs):                                                BIC Duties and Responsibilities



(BOTH 4 HR – 4 CE)

In addition to the general CORE course required of all licensees, the new SC Real Estate License Law now requires ALL BICs to take a CORE course created just for them!  Upon completion of this course, students will recognize important revisions to South Carolina License law, know the requirements for receiving a BIC license, have an understanding of BIC responsibilities for trust funds, commingling, and conversion, identify how to maintain control of an active real estate trust account including relevant depository requirements, understand ways in which disputed trust funds may be disbursed, identify what and how office records are to maintained, retained and backed-up, identify what a policy manual should accomplish, review the concept of the "practice of law" and identify ways in which one may endanger or lose his or her real estate license.


FOUR HOUR ELECTIVE CLASS:                    

RE Tax and Investment

CEE 1714 (4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

The market is improving and money is being made!  Specifically designed for real estate licensees, this widely acclaimed and popular overview of tax laws and strategies involved in the purchase, ownership, purchase, sale and rental of real estate is always up-to-date on recent changes in the law.  Understanding the different ways in which real estate and tax planning can create wealth and save money is essential.  Get the knowledge to effectively answer client inquiries, choose between properties and increase wealth.  Topics include Avoiding Tax on Real Estate Sales, 1031 Exchanges, Second and Vacation Homes, Short and Long Term Rental Property, Tax Savings and Investment Strategies, Home Office Deductions, Capital Gains, Reverse Mortgages, Tax Law Changes and more.  Essential knowledge for all professionals and investors!


FOUR HOUR ELECTIVE CLASS:                    

May I Borrow Your Credit?

CEE 2425 (4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

This is our most in-depth look at the consumer credit market, including data security and identity protection.  Credit scores on new mortgages are at their highest level in over a decade!  The importance of credit in real estate is undeniable: qualification, interest rates and ultimately the cost of the home itself depend on credit. Real estate licensees share responsibility for helping clients move closer to the American dream of home ownership.  As we cover Credit Reports, Scores and Credit Protection, we’ll what factors affect credit and how to improve credit standing.  For clients who are credit challenged, we also cover Debt Collection and Counseling, including an understanding of the collection process and the resources that are available, including the rights and responsibilities of debt collectors.  We also spend time reviewing the risks in protecting one’s identity and measures to ensure that personal data remains secure. 



RE Best Practices in the Modern Marketplace

CEE 2426 (4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

Brokers and Salespersons will love this overview of today’s many best practice ideas in Licensee Resources, Risk Management, Due Diligence, and Client and Customer Services.  This knowledge will benefit you and your clients! Expectations are high that agents for both buyers and sellers provide timely and accurate information for client decision making.  Selling agents must address risks in listing/marketing representations for seller clients, including square footage, material defects and stigmatized properties.  Buyer agents are expected to know all the basics, plus have a broad understanding of the risks their buyer clients face in the local area.  Where do you get your information and how much is enough?  Are you using the latest tools to support your due diligence efforts and professional activities?  In this class we help you to sharpen your brokerage knowledge and encourage open discussion with your peers.  We cover a lot of ground quickly, so register today!



SC RE Contracts and Documents

CEE 3114 (4 HR Elective – 4 CE)

Many experienced brokers consider contracts to be the riskiest activity that licensees undertake.  Don’t be confused about all the different requirements for selecting and preparing the right contracts and documents available to SC real estate licensees.  Know your options and your limitations to avoid risking your license and/or a lawsuit! We cover the documents required by law in SC and distinguish those from elective documents that the SC Association of Realtors (SCR).  We start by reviewing basic contract requirements in order to be valid and enforceable.  We review potential contract pitfalls, and common addenda used to remediate these risks.  Common SCR forms are commonly used although not required), so we cover the most common forms and when their use is appropriate.  Proper Document selection and preparation is at the core of what residential agents do, and this course guides you through the decision process.

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